Every Australian Man's Guide to Shaving with Sensitive Skin

Every Australian Man's Guide to Shaving with Sensitive Skin

Out of all the different realities that men have to face about their skin, the hard piece of truth that some types of skin are more sensitive than others has not only bruised a few egos but also gotten in the way of a perfectly-good shave.


Regardless of whether it’s a result of carelessness or unfortunate genetic predisposition, dealing with sensitive skin can be quite a pain when it comes to shaving in peace. Fortunately, shaving with sensitive skin doesn’t have to be akin to a prison sentence or being tortured as long as you keep the right tips and tricks in mind and approach the process with care and patience.


If you’ve grown tired of the perils of having sensitive skin every time you shave, here’s everything you need to know about turning the tables to overcome the challenges of sensitivity:


The razor that you use makes a world of difference

Generally, the problems of shaving with sensitive skin tend to stem from one of the biggest components of the entire process: the razor itself.


The type of razor that’s shaved with actually has a profound effect on how the entire shaving experience goes because of how certain types of blades interact with sensitive types of skin. In most cases, however, it’s worth noting that most men with sensitive skin end up having terrible experiences with their razors because they’re using the wrong ones!


For sensitive skins, the main rule for comfortable and smooth shaving is “the lesser the blades, the better”— which makes one blade the best option out of all. By making the switch over to single-bladed razors, you’ll be able to provide the sensitive skin with a more comfortable shaving experience that cuts out the risk of ingrown hairs and razor burns.


Before you head over to your local classic shaving shop (if you’re in Australia, then visit the Cut Throat Club), however, it’s important to understand that single-blade razors come in either a classic straight or safety options. This is why you need to research accordingly to figure out which one best suits your technique and skin!


Never overlook the importance of your shaving brush and shaving cream

What most men don’t understand about shaving with sensitive skin is that the entire process of shaving effectively without any cuts, nicks, or irritation goes far beyond getting the right razor. As a matter of fact, the shaving brush and shaving cream play equally-important roles as well.


When it comes to buying a shaving brush, it’s important to consider the fact that there are different variations to choose from—some being more optimal for sensitive types of skin. If you’re new to the entire idea of investing in a proper shaving brush, then go for a badger hair option to help prepare your facial hair for a smooth shave while avoiding harmful abrasiveness on your sensitive skin.


Getting the right shaving cream for sensitive skin, on the other hand, means that you’ll have to avoid whipped cream-esque spray can options on the market because they contain chemicals that aren’t well-suited for sensitive skin. Instead of going for commercial drugstore shaving cream options, get a classic can that has high-quality natural ingredients and can only be lathered by using a brush, effectively ensuring that your skin is protected in the process.


Final words

Shaving with sensitive skin doesn’t always have to be as perilous as most men might expect it to be as long as the right tips and bits of information are taken into consideration. If you’ve got a sensitive mug and are tired of feeling uncomfortable all the time, take this article into mind and start investing in the right shaving equipment to leave bad shaving days in the past!


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