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  • Beginners Cut Throat Razor Kit
  • Beginners Cut Throat Razor Kit
  • Beginners Cut Throat Razor Kit
  • Beginners Cut Throat Razor Kit

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Beginners Cut Throat Razor Kit

Brand: Cut Throat Club
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This kit has been discontinued, Click here to view the new updated beginners kit 

Run your hand across your face - is it rough with scratchy stubble? Then you need to try a cut throat razor.

Our Vision is to improve your shave, anyway we can! And that is exactly what this kit is built for!

Want to start wet shaving at home but don't know where to start?

The Beginner's Cut Throat Razor Kit is designed specifically for anyone learning how to wet shave.

Cut throat razors provide the closest shave possible. They turn a chore into an activity that becomes very fun and enjoyable.

There is something truly amazing about changing something as dull as your daily shave into a ritual that you will love - I guarantee that after experiencing the world of wet shaving you will not go back to disposable, plastic razors.


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The Beginners Cut Throat Razor kit is one of the Cut Throat Club's premier packs containing a high quality, German-made Dovo Solingen straight edge razor, leather strop, brush, and stropping balm, all packed into a beautiful Australian hand made wooden box.

High quality straight razors will last for years, and if maintained properly will give you an amazing shave throughout their life. These razors are made from carbon steel, which unlike stainless steel razors, will hold their edge for longer - giving you the clean shave you crave.


Suitable For

This kit is also perfect as a:

🎁 21st Birthday Present

🎁 Father's Day Gift

🎁 Anniversary Gift

🎁 Christmas Present

🎁 Groomsman Gift 


Shaving Kit Contents

This kit contains the following:

👉 Dovo Solingen Cellidor Straight Razor

👉 Muhle Badger Hair Shaving Brush

👉 Muhle Leather and Canvas Strop

👉 Dovo Solingen Stropping Balm

👉 Cut Throat Club Wooden box with felt inlay


Getting a really close shave is extremely difficult for anything with a safety bar that prevents that blade from getting full contact with the skin. This is where a straight razor comes into its own.

For ladies looking to get a smoother husband then this kit is as much as a gift for you as for him.


Dovo Cellidor Straight Razor

You don’t need to be a barber to give yourself a professional shave with the Dovo Solingen Cellidor Cut Throat Razor.

Whether you are new to the art of wet shaving or you just appreciate a great shave, this entry-level Cut Throat Razor will allow you to get that fresh-from-the-barber look in the comfort of your own home.

👍 5/8" Blade

👍 Round Point

👍 Carbon Steel Blade

👍 Black Plastic Handle


This razor is hand-honed in the factory and is shave ready.

Muhle Leather Strop

The key to maintaining a straight razor is to keep it sharp. Every stroke of a razor begins to blunt the edge and over time this can result in less than optimum performance.

As a razor becomes blunter it can take more effort and more strokes to get the desired shave which is when cuts become more likely.


Muhle Shaving Brush

This Germany made shaving brush is made from Pure Badger hair and is great for creating a thick lather from any shaving soap or cream.

This is one of our most affordable shaving brushes and is ideal for a beginner getting started in the world of wet shaving.

This brush has stiff bristles and is particularly suited to building a lather from a soap puck.

Dovo Stropping Balm

Keeping your razor sharp with a strop is the basis of straight razor maintenance, but over time the leather strop itself can dry out and form cracks. These cracks then prevent the strop from giving the razor a smooth surface and can result in poor sharpening and blunt edges. 

Using a stropping balm regularly will keep your strop soft and smooth and will ensure your straight razor stays as sharp as possible.

Simply smear a small amount of balm from this 50 ml tub on your strop before every use. A little goes a long way.


Cut Throat Club Wooden Box

One critical part of razor maintenance that is often ignored is storage. How are you going to store your cut throat razor so that it is protected from cats, kids, and humidity?

This is the perfect box for storing all of your wet shaving equipment.

This box is designed exactly for straight razors. It is a pine box with felt inlay with the Cut Throat Club logo on the lid.

Keep everything safe and dry in this container to help maintain your gear in perfect condition.



About Dovo Solingen

Dovo Solingen was founded in 1906  with a forge, hollow, and grinding shop to produce straight razors. Dovo is now the premier cut throat razor manufacturer in the world and is renowned for producing the best wet shaving gear anywhere.


Cut Throat Club's Mission

Cut Throat Club is committed to promoting the straight edge razor lifestyle. A high quality straight edge razor will give you the closest shave possible for years to come. 

We are passionate about quality, affordability and value for money.

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