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Premium Straight Edge Razor Kit

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Premium, High-end Cut Throat Razor Kit

Cut throat razors provide the closest shave possible.

They turn a chore into an activity that becomes very fun and enjoyable.

It is difficult to describe the joy that can be found when turning something as dull as shaving into a daily enjoyable ritual, but I can guarantee that you won't go back.


Dovo Solingen Razor

This Dovo Cut Throat Razor kit is one of the Cut Throat Club's premier packs containing a high quality, German hand made straight edge razor, leather strop, German badger shaving brush, and stropping balm, all packed into a beautiful Australian made wooden box.

High quality razors will last for years, and if maintained properly will give you an amazing shave throughout their life.

This razor is made from carbon steel, which unlike cheaper stainless steel razors, will hold their edge for longer - meaning that you don't need to hone/sharpen it as often.

What do you get?

 This kit contains the following:


Dovo Ebony Straight Razor

This stunning Dovo Ebony Cut Throat Razor features a gold decorated spine, ornate blade with 24-karat gold etching and genuine ebony wood scales. Made from the highest quality carbon steel, this razor has a 5/8" round point, full hollow ground blade and offers the ultimate in blade hardness, elasticity and resistance to wear.

Made in Germany by one of the world's best manufacturers Dovo Solingen. 

  • 5/8" blade width
  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • 24 Karat gold Etching
  • Round Point
  • Full Hollow
  • Ebony Wood Handle



Dovo Ebony Silvertip Brush

Silvertip badger hair is the top quality bristle material available. The best of the best. The creme de la creme. 

It is the softest bristles and can hold the most moisture, which is what gives soap their thick lather. This brush is ideally suited for thick shaving creames and will turn your morning shave into a luxurious experience.

The handle is made from genuine Ebony Wood, and is made by the world's best wet shaving manufacturer's Dovo Solingen from Germany's City of Blades.

  • Ebony Wood Handle
  • Silvertip Badger Hair Bristles
  • Handle height: 49mm
  • Loft: 60mm
  • Knot diameter: 24mm


Dovo Leather Strop

The key to maintaining a straight razor is to keep it sharp. Every stroke of a razor begins to blunt the edge and over time this can result in less than optimum performance. As a razor becomes blunter it can take more effort and more strokes to get the desired shave which is when cuts become more likely.

This Dovo Solingen strop is made from leather and allows you to keep your razor sharp after every shave.

Stropping the blade re-aligns any blunt edges or indentations and is an important step to making sure your straight razor will last for many years.

Taylors of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street is one of the wet shaving world's premier soap manufacturers. Opening in 1854 by Jeremiah Taylor, he quickly gained renown for his botanical extracts. 

The TOBS brand epitomizes classic British style and understated elegance, reliability and quality.


Shapton Honing Stone

Keeping your new straight razor sharp is critical to ensuring you will get the closest shave for the life of your blade, and a good quality honing stone is key to sharpening your razor.

While stropping the razor will keep the razor's edge aligned and keep its edge on a day to day basis, in the long term a honing stone is what will keep the razor sharp. Use this to hone your razors edge on a regular basis.

This #16000 grit honing stone is perfect for any razor owner from beginner to expert.

The stone is made up of a 5mm glass backing fused to a 5mm ceramic stone which guarantees a perfect flat surface.


Dovo Stropping Paste

Keeping your razor sharp with a strop is the basis of straight razor maintenance, but over time the leather strop itself can dry out and form cracks. These cracks then prevent the strop from giving the razor a smooth surface and can result in poor sharpening and blunt edges. 

Using a stropping balm regularly will keep your strop soft and smooth and will ensure your straight razor stays as sharp as possible.

Simply smear a small amount of balm from this 50 ml tub on your strop before every use. A little goes a long way.



Cut Throat Club Wooden Box

One critical part of razor maintenance that is often ignored is storage. How are you going to store your cut throat razor so that it is protected from cats, kids, and humidity?

This is the perfect box for storing all of your wet shaving equipment.

This box is designed exactly for straight razors. It is a pine box with felt inlay with the Cut Throat Club logo on the lid.