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About Us

Cut Throat Club - for Wet Shaving Fanatics! 

My name is Russ, and many years ago I got fed up with continually buying dodgy disposable razors.

I got fed up with having to throw away blades after a single use.

I got fed up with have to clear my thick facial hair from between the blades.

And I got fed up with the rough feeling of my face even immediately after a shave.


I threw out my last disposable razor and purchased the cheapest straight edge razor I could find. Even though I stropped it between every use the stainless steel began to lose its edge. This caused me to use more force on each stroke and I began to get cuts. After a few months I threw out my now blunt razor in disgust.

The story could have ended there, but I am a very stubborn person and I did a huge amount of research into everything related to cut throat razors. I purchased a high quality, Dovo carbon steel razor and have never looked back. Each use gives the closest shave possible and the carbon steel holds its sharp edge for months. 

Since this realization I have embarked on my mission to bring wet shaving with a straight edge razor back to everyday use across Australia.

Cut Throat Club

Cut Throat Club is a new startup committed to promoting the straight edge razor lifestyle. A high quality straight edge razor will give you the closest shave possible for years to come. Forget about rough stubble after using an electric shaver or going through dozens of disposable razors.

We construct pre-made packages to give you everything you need to either get started with cut throats or to upgrade to the highest quality gear worldwide without blowing the bank.

We are passionate about quality, affordability and value for money.

Looking through the marketplace it is extremely disappointing to see that lack of quality straight edge razors available. Most razors for sale are made in China, manufactured from low quality steel, arrive blunt, and blunt quickly after honing.

Our mission is to turn this lack of quality around, and to provide high quality straight razors for all.

The razor kits we sell are hand made in Europe, mostly Germany or France, manufactured with high quality carbon steel which arrives sharp enough to shave, and will hold its edge for months. The kits contain everything necessary for a beginner to start wet shaving - razors, shaving brushes, and strops all within an Australian made, felt inlayed wooden box.

We are based in Mandurah in Western Australia and are trying to change the way we all shave face one at a time.

Mandurah, Western Australia

If you want to contact us about anything please email us at or see our facebook page.


If you are characterize yourself by the terms patience, quality, and old world style then you might be interested in our other venture - Fountain Pens Online. In a similar vein to cut throat razors, fountain pens turn a hassle into a hobby.