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What is the differences between a Safety Razor and a Double Edge Razor? Nothing, they are two names for the same item. There is however a huge difference between disposable safety razors, cartridge razors and the ones we provide below which last a lifetime!

Discover a quality double-edged safety razor - and throw that plastic disposable razor in the bin! The Australian wet shaving experts at Cut Throat Club have you covered!

Safety Razors
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Safety razors that last a lifetime!

A safety razor isn't meant to be simply thrown away. It's a piece of kit that is meant to last, taking you from your very first shave through all of life's milestones. An adjustable safety razor is the gift of grooming, growing as you do and becoming the cornerstone of your grooming routine.

Better than plastic, our single blade safety razors and double edged safety razors are made with the finest materials. Take this handsome Merkur' 1904' Double Edge Razor for example: made from solid metal with an elegant inlaid design and a gorgeous chrome finish. Or the Parker Model No. 65R with a brass handle and a striking sandstone finish. Beautiful safety razor designs like these are guaranteed to make a statement in your bathroom.

Better for the environment and better for your beard, safety razors are an investment in self-care.

Have a browse through our range of double edge safety razor's above! We've got your back with a variety of styles and designs including long handle, butterfly, closed & open comb and varying angle razors. We also stock the worlds leading brands including Merkur, Roche, Edwin Jagger, Muhle & Gillette

Choose a Grooming Routine with Tradition

Let's get back to basics and begin shaving the way your grandfather did. Shaving with a safety razor is a great way to add pleasure to your routine: change the blades, lather up your face with some shaving cream and shave with care. Just like the men in your family have done for hundreds of years.

Shaving with a safety razor is convenient, hassle-free and better for your skin. With replaceable blades, using a safety razor is simple and easy to get used to. When the double edge razor blades get blunt, simply replace them with sharp ones, lather up and go again.

Safety Razor FAQs

What is the best double edge razor for sensitive skin?

A safety razor is an excellent choice for sensitive skin. With an easy-to-use handle, your razor can help you reach those hard-to-reach areas. Post-shave, take care of your skin with a gentle moisturiser and enjoy soft, healthy-looking skin. In fact using a safety razor reduces irritation and razor burn as it cuts the hair at just the right length. Multi-blade razors are notorious for cutting hairs below the skins surface which can cause ingrowing hairs and other skin irritations / razor bumps.

Is it difficult to use a safety razor?

It is easy to get to grips with a safety razor - you're probably already using a similar disposable design. With a sturdy handle and flexible, adjustable shaving head, a quality safety razor is a great choice. Changing the blade is just as easy, simply purchase some replacement blades and insert one into the safety razor head by unscrewing the head and sliding it on to the pins.

What's the difference between a safety razor and a straight edge razor?

A safety razor, or a double edged razor, has removable blades, whereas a straight razor is the blade itself. Before using a straight edge razor, you must strop it to keep it sharp. To sharpen a safety razor, you simply replace the blades when dull.

Can I buy a safety razor kit?

The Cut Throat Razor Club has a range of shaving kits, including safety razor kits and kits with the best safety razor for beginners. Check out our range of shaving kits, and click here to build your kit.