11 Reasons to Start Shaving with a Straight Razor

11 Reasons to Start Shaving with a Straight Razor

A common question we get asked is 'why should I use a straight razor instead of the disposable razor I've always used?'

There are many answers to this, but we have filtered it through to the top 5.

1. Get a cleaner, closer shave

There is no doubt that straight razors give the closest possible shave. Until you have tried wet shaving it is hard to believe the difference. After your first shave with a straight razor you will be shocked with how close the shave gets and will never want to go back.

2. Shave like a gentleman 

Think of the 18th century gentleman - he doesn't use a safety razor. He uses a straight razor, and looks damn good using it. You will really feel like a classy gentleman with a straight razor in your hand.

3. Help the environment

Consider the sheer number of disposable razors and the packaging that you have thrown away in the past week. Now consider how many in your lifetime of shaving. With a quality straight razor you will be using the same razor in 5 years as you are now. That is a significant reduction in landfill and a nice way to help the environment.

4. Save money

Although it might not seem it, going to straight shaving will save you money in the long run. Consider how much it costs to buy more disposable razors every week, and compare that to the cost of a straight razor that will last you for 5, 10, 15 years. It is a big saving in the long term.

5. Turn a chore into fun

Let's be honest - shaving with a cut throat razor is fun. It can either feel like shaving like a spartan warrior, or shaving like a 19th century gentleman. Shaving with a disposable razor is just a chore - a job that needs to get done as quickly as possible. Wet shaving is guaranteed to turn this daily bore into a fun and enjoyable activity.

6. Feel like a man

There is no doubt that shaving with a cut throat razor is incredibly masculine. It is a great, primal feeling to know that you are shaving with a straight razor in the same manner as your ancestors have for many years.

7. Avoid ingrown hairs and razor burn

Due to the sharper razor blade the likelihood of getting ingrown hairs and razor burn is much less likely. Also using a high quality shaving soap provides better lubrication to avoid the razor from pulling and giving any additional irritation.

8. Try interesting new soaps and aftershaves

One of the most debated, critiqued, argued about, and enjoyed aspects of wet shaving is trying interested and different soaps and aftershaves. Generally purchasing a new razor is a rare event, but you can try new soaps every few weeks/months. And every soap is different - different scents, lathers, lubrication, and textures.

9. Learn a new skill/art form

Wet shaving is definitely a skill that can take a long time to master, but in reality there are multiple art forms within this one hobby. To truly master the act of wet shaving you will need to learn the art of shaving with a cut throat razor, stropping, honing, creating lather, as well as maintaining all of your equipment.

10. Start the daily with a new morning ritual

There are many, many different people who promote the idea of starting every day with a morning success ritual. Wet shaving gives this opportunity to begin everyday doing something that you enjoy. It is a great way to start everyday and is sure to put a smile on your face.

11. Razor lasts a lifetime

Purchasing a high quality straight razor is an investment for the lifetime. With frequent stropping and regular honing you can keep your razor sharp day-in-day-out all year round. There are many examples of people who have actually inherited their razors from parents and grandparents and continued shaving across generations.



Please let us know if you have your own reasons for using a straight razor in the comments below.


Conclusion - Phew!

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John Di Scala

This is the second day shaving with a straight razor, and it is fun. I got a nice shave, I did cut myself twice. I enjoy being different. I don’t know anyone that shaves with a straight razor.


Just started with mine. Personally I was sick of spending big money on blades all the time and giving money to companies that are getting too political.
Yes I’ve cut myself but with each shave the number of cuts are less and never that bad anyway.